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If you know how to love people regardless of who they are, then you probably know the way to eternal life.

So do not expect yourself to indulge in something extraordinary to gain eternal life. As simple as it is to love, it is also the most extraordinary thing you will ever do.

There is no waiting for someone to convince you. Taste and see, you have never felt better than when you are in love.

And if mere mortals can love and feel loved and even reap the sweet fruits of it, how much more our great God? That same God that Christ told us about. He is love in Himself and all that He hath made is for His pleasure and for the love of it.

So that every single act of His can be perfectly defined as an act of love in the purest form.

 Blessed art thou who desire to love, for it is the only deed that is good and acceptable before our sweet God.
By  FLAME ,2012 for INC

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