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Laws Of Sex

Should it be that the rules are not clear, we’ll be having the reasons for an act. More to It than they are, You must be wise

                      There are certain laws that govern the sexual act. As all other laws , it is no respecter of persons , personalities or status. Breaking of any of these laws may attract dire consequences . this turns the creative energy of sex into a destructive one .
Law 1
The sexual act should not be carried out , except by individuals that are prepared physically, mentally and emotionally

                  The negligence of this law is the primary cause of teenage pregnancy , most emotional; traumas , abortions , etc. when an individual reaches the age of puberty , her sexual organs begins to develop and his sexual drive gradually sets in. physically , she  is getting prepared , but not yet certified “ready”. If she dabbles into the act at this point , she will be likened to a soldier that goes to war without enough armories . surely, you can tell the outcome . nature on its own calendar , sets a time for every event, and if an event occurs (artificially) without meeting natures standards , it causes a mutation to its elements. This theory , is the principle behind every abnormality ( cancer, gigantism, dwarfism, etc ). The individual thus, develops an abnormality, either physically, mentally or emotionally.
                   To sum this up, the sexual act is meant to be carried out by adults . and the  definition of adulthood , is not just a person that is 18 yrs and above . this only defines a person that is physically developed , which usually not the case. For a person can be 18yrs and yet still isn’t an “adult”. An adult is a person that is developed , physically, emotionally and mentally ; and this meets the criteria for the first law.

Law 2
The sexual act should be carried out within a secured atmosphere of love

                  This environment does not only involve love, but security: the tendency for it (love) not to be infiltrated upon or compromised, put in much blunter terms “die”. Love is the fire that sex burns in. without it , sex is an empty gun or better put , an  A –K with blanks . if this environment is met, it is capable of lifting the individual into the highest form of creativity , ingenuity. But, if this environment is not sustained , it may turn a genius into a mediocre. for a rocket to successfully lunch into space, it has to firstly overcome the force of gravity. for it to do this , all conditions that will enable it to “blast off” must be met and this condition must be maintained to ensure a continuous upward movement. if at the very peak of the earth's surface that condition is found lacking , gravity draws it back . the aftermath is a “crash”. This scenario is also true when it comes to achievement .
                    Such an environment of security and love can only be found in a long lasting relationship, which is defined and consummed in marriage. Marriage is the only institution that unites man and woman , and guarantees a long lasting relationship. In ideal terms, the couple is bonded Till death and this meets the criterion for the 2nd law.

Law 3
The sexual act should be carried out with the consent of the party involved; the use of force must never be employed, either directly or indirectly.
                  Breaking of the above law is equivalent to rape , which is a felony punishable by imprisonment . apart from the physical abuse, this act carries along with it destructive forces of trauma and emotional scars. Often leaving the victim in a  psychological turmoil . The breaking of this law transforms the creative energy of sex into a very  destructive one , which is capable of destroying both the victim and the perpetrator. The tendency to neglect this law is higher with males than with females . But , either male or female , it is a crime against nature , against humanity, against love and against sexuality.
                “Rape is a part of war, but it may be accurate to say that the capacity for dehumanizing another which so corrodes male sexuality is carried over from sex to war” (Adrienne Rich (b.1929), U.S Poet, “Caryatid,” in American Poetry Review (Philadelphia, May – June 1973;  Reprint on Lies, Secrets , and Silence, 1980 )
                                          St.Prince Xavier/2012/for the INC

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