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Sex- The Mystery and Myth

Thou knoweth of my pleasurable nature, yet not all that there is
             The subject of sex is one which majority of people appear to be ignorant. The sexual urge has infact  been grossly misunderstood. Many feel “guilty” when this urge comes upon them and pray to god to forgive their “sin” or take away the “evil” soon, they begin to develop low self esteem, which in turn births in inferiority complex, frustration, etc.
                 Some groups, especially in Africa even forbid discussions about sex in public places. They believe that such topics are a “taboo” when mentioned, especially among youths, the dark silence has further made a mystery out the whole issue, but thank goodness for the age of enlightenment, this hurricane is gradually been broken.
                  Some go as far as mutilating the sex organ (in some culture) especially with woman (female circumcision) in guise to curb the sexual nature.
                   They are ignorant of the fact that man is sexual in nature. You cannot separate a man from his sexuality. The moment you try, either through castration or genital mutation, you take out his or her essence. A good example is seen when animals get castrated. A bull becomes as docile as a cow after it has been altered sexually. Also virile dogs are known to be smarter and more productive than their castrated counterparts.
                   Another confusion so very common is substitution of love with sex. The sexual act has ever been termed “love making”. This misconception has led many into wrong side of relationships as well as broken marriages. Sex is not and can never replace love. Sex may be used as a tool to express love and affection, but standing on its own, it is just another pleasure act. The belief that until a young man sleeps with his newly found ‘love’, there is no “trace” or “proof” of her love for him is very false. I have seen couples who have maintained a platonic relationship grew stronger and stronger in their love for each other and when they eventually tie the ‘knot’ had remained inseparable,while those that delved into it in the guise of “love making” were the first to “throw in the towel” it must then be stated that love is not bonded to sex, they are two individual entities that may somehow coalesce in the course of building a relationship.

Sexuality and Morality
For the good of all who do me right. At the peril of a great number who do not

                     Sex is good, it is a good therapeutic agent , anti-stress, worry, anxiety and emotional conditioner. It was given to man by infinite creative intelligence, the origin of goodness and virtue. Therefore, it should be viewed from its proper perspective, as what it actually is, “a good gift”.
                   There is nothing immoral about sex. The only immorality in it is when it is practiced in an environment not designed for it. This sets one in opposition to the laws that govern sex and as all laws , they attract penalties to their defaulters. Indulgence in the act of sex without abiding to its laws can instead of being beneficial , be very destructive to the participant. The consequences may come slow and gradual , but at the end , it leads one to the path of regrets.
                  As mentioned before , the concepts , theories and ideas shared in this park , should be judged from a psychological and philosophical perspective. All sentiments ( Religious, social cultural or  personal ) should be dropped in order to properly appreciate this subject
                                    St.Prince Xavier/2012/for the INC

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