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1.       Listen to the words of wisdom my children, for it is God that gives understanding for the understanding of it.
2.       Heed my words as a baby, the mum’s milk, that the Lord be not far from you.
3.       I tell you, so many they are; they who want to see you grieve and die, but be rest assured for the Lord always frustrates the enemies of the lovers of His wisdom.
4.       For you have made enemies without your choosing even in thy mother’s womb as fetus; your enemies expected you and plotted your downfall, but your enemies will not triumph over you because you heed the Lord.
5.       Do not forget the Lord thy God through His Christ; the God of  I your father by His grace. For he has always been and will always be our God even to your children and to their children’s children too. He is God for all eternity.
6.       Life does not get easier and the once good creation yearns for destruction; yes! The earth and all its content are hastily approaching the end of the process of things, so that the new life may begin under the perfect rule of Jesus Christ.
7.       And yes! The Lord will increase your knowledge of Him and wisdom day by day. He greatly increased mine in my lifetime and He will do same even unto you and your children and their children’s children too.
8.       The Lord is full of blessing, mercy, compassion and loving-kindness, but you must ask from the heart, for even the heart desires and prayers of the dumb are answered through prayer.
9.       He also has anger and wrath, but only the wicked He visits with anger and wrath. As for ye my children, ye are judged by him and with all His mercy.
10.   The lord has all the goodness and strength in His right hand and discipline in His left. So that the lovers of wisdom are corrected when they err, and so that the corrected may enjoy His infinite goodness
11.   The Lord is just. Mercy and judgment belong to Him alone. The bearers of wisdom seek His counsel but the fools trust in their own strength. So that it is done unto them as it is as unto the wicked. They shall be judged without mercy.
12.   They shall be wounded unexpectedly and beyond expectation and the Lord will multiply their sorrow and square there pain. He will smite them thereafter. For they are wicked unto themselves and even unto you His children.
13.   Be grateful and thankful my children in all your thoughts and works toward the Lord, for as many as thy haters may be, even all of them will He destroy ‘fore your eyes; but as for you who will always bring thanks ‘fore Him, He shall always give you the will to do good.
14.   As for you who will fear the Lord and love Him, he shall forgive all sin and keep you worthy to benefit in the glory of His Holy name.
15.   When His judgment comes, the wicked will not be able to rise. For pain will hold them down and grief will bind them tight. But you who will love Him and implore His favors, he shall prosper and keep. For He favors the humble at heart but despises the proud hearted.
16.   There is wisdom in everything and in every place but you are not meant to know it all. Trust in the Lord and He shall reveal to you, all that matters.
17.   Do not be deceived by the knowing of knowledge, for even though you need it, it is not perfect. Embrace wisdom and ask in your supplication. For wisdom is perfect and the Lord shall open thy eyes to see.
18.   Remember that it shall be done unto you as you have done unto your neighbor, be merciful and gracious so that the Lord be merciful and gracious to your lineage but never forget discipline and above all, remember to give all that you expect to receive.
19.   Bring ‘fore the Lord your transgression and afflictions and He shall cleanse you and dry your tears; come ‘fore Him with a humble heart and with supplication, He shall comfort and prosper you.
20.   Lay up your heart like a stone slab before Him and on it will He write wisdom to the detail; keep no secret before Him for it is wicked and evil to hide from the Lord.
21.   Put your mission ahead of your spouse and remember your family too but put the Lord above them all for your mission is to serve Him.
22.   The wise man walks and works with God but the foolish are exhausted from running; the Lord guideth the feet of the good hearted but a wicked man sojourn in confusion.
23.   Remember to the detail all of these teachings, for your life depends on it; Do not neglect these teachings, for it is the will of God that you learn of it and live by it.
24.   The Lord will always be with you my children. I have prayed Him so and He hath made it so to the glory of His name.
                                  FLAME/2012/for the INC
                   (Extracts from IN THE LIGHT OF WISDOM BY FLAME)

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