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               Cybernetic which is gotten from the word “kubernete”, meaning steersman. Is a science in communication and control systems in machines. It has to do with teleology – goal striving, goal oriented, behaviour of mechanical systems. Cybernetics explains “what happens” and what is necessary in the purposeful behaviour of machines.

The new science of cybernetics made possible an important break through in psychology. The fact that this break through came from the work of physicists and mathematicians shouldn’t be a surprise. As any break through in science is likely to come from outside the system.e.g. Einstein wasn’t a physicist but a mathematician, yet had a break through in physics. Madame Curie was not a medical doctor, but a physicist, yet she made important contributions to medical science.
             There is an abundance of scientific evidence which shows that the human brain and nervous system constitute a marvelous and complex “goal–striving mechanism”, a sort of built in automatic guidance system which works for you as a “success mechanism” or against you as a “failure mechanism”, depending on how “you”, the operator, operate and the goals you set for it.
             Cybernetics does not tell us that man is a machine, but that man has and uses a machine. It also tells how that machine functions and how it can be used. This machine is also called the Subconscious mind

The Subconscious Machine

                  The subconscious mind is not a mind at all, but a mechanism, consisting of the brain and nervous system, which is used by and directed by the mind .the latest ad most usable concept is that, man does not have two “minds” , but a mind or consciousness, which operates, which “operates”, an automatic goal striving machine. The creative mechanism within you is impersonal. it will work automatically and impersonally to achieve goals of success and happiness or unhappiness and failure depending upon the goals which you yourself set for it. Present it with positive goals and it functions as a “success mechanism”, and with a negative goals and it functions as a “failure mechanism”.
                  Like any other servomechanism, it must have a clear-cut goal, objective or “problem” to work upon. The key goal is the Self image. Everything living has a built in guidance system or goal striving device, put there by Infinite Creative Intelligence to help it achieve its goals- which is in broad terms – “To live”. In simpler forms of life , the goal “To live” simply means physical survival for both the individual and the species.
In man, the goal “To live” means more than mere survival. .consequently, for man,” to live”, encompasses more than physical survival and procreation of the species. It requires certain emotional and spiritual satisfaction as well. Man’s built in “success mechanism” is also much broader in scope than animal’s. in addition to helping man avoid or overcome danger, and the “sexual instinct” which helps keep the race alive, the success mechanism in man can help him get answers to problems, invent, write poetry, run a business, sell merchandise, explore new horizon in science, attain more peace of mind, develop a better personality or achieve success in any other activity which is intimately tied to his “Living”


Servo-mechanisms are divided in to two general types:
  1. Where the target or “answer”, is known and the objective is to accomplish it.
  2. Where the target or “answer “is unknown and the objective is to discover
                      The human brain and nervous system operates in both ways. An example of the first type is the self-guide torpedo. The target is known – enemy ship .the objective is o reach it. The machine should know the target. It should also have a population system that propels it to the desire target and “sense organ” or feed back system (radars, etc) that brings information from the target. These “sense organ” helps to keep the machine on proper course to the to the target through positive feed back (when it is on the correct course) or negative feed back (when its gets off course). The machine doses not respond to positive feed back, since it is doing the correct thing. But, has a corrective device which responds to the negative feed back by causing the rubber to move so that it would stair the machine back to the left or right unto the course. There are times when the rudder overcorrects, but the negative feed back informs it and it makes the correction. thus the machine is found to move a some what zig-zag manner, making errors and correcting them until it reaches the target .
            Something similar forgoes in the human nervous when ever you perform any purposeful activities. Example picking up cigarettes packages fro the table. This is accomplished by virtue of an automatic mechanism and not by “will” and brain thinking alone. All the fore brain is select the goal, trigger it into action by desire and feed information to the automatic mechanism so that your hand continually corrects its course. You do not say,” I must contact my shoulder muscles to elevate my arm, now I must contact my triceps to extend my arm, etc”. You just go ahead and pick the cigarettes and do not consciously issue order to individual muscles nor calculate how much contraction you need.
                 Now, initially you may have picked up cigarettes or perform similar movements before. Your automatic mechanism has leant something of the correct respond needed. Next , your automatic mechanism uses feed back data supplied by the eyes to continually correct the motion of your hand until it gets to the cigarette. A clear example is witnessed when a baby tries to pick up a rattle.
                Once, however a correct or successful response is accomplished .It is remembered for future use. It thus “remembers” its successes, forgets its futures and respect s successful actions without any further conscious “thought”- or as a habit .an example of servo - mechanism can be clearly seen when one tries to find a matchbox in the dark. In this case, the target is not know .Instinctively, your hand would “grope” back and forth, performing zig-zag motion until the match is found and recognized.
                                              By Prince Xavier/2012/for the INC

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