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Knowledge In The Air

  "Do not sniff. For the aroma, you shall perceive not. Do you cry that you know nothing? Or are proud of the little you know. Surely I tell thee, He is the source, the I.C.I, in submission should thou seek"--Flame

The Infinite Creative Intelligence, has provides “signs” of available knowledge existing for man to tap into. If you observe nature properly , you would see these “signs”, which has directed the path of men right from the stone age to this present age. The sun is a clear example of how fire is to be used ; a source of light and energy . Lightening was natures sign for the existence of electricity. If man had observed nature properly , he would have discovered it quite earlier. The birds were a sign to man that he could conquer the skies . The fishes was also a sign that he could conquer the seas. All these and many more are clear examples of how mankind Infinite creative Intelligence has inspired the progress of mankind.

     Infinite creative Intelligence Longs to communicate creative knowledge to man. And this knowledge he has deposited in the ‘Air’. Highly creative knowledge is available for  you to tap into, but the problem is many do not know how to gain access to it. They are too preoccupied by the basic necessities of life (Food, shelter, clothing), coupled with the various problems that confront the human race; that the mind cannot ‘tune-in’ to such knowledge. A radio set cannot access two stations at the same time .If you want to listen to another, you have to ‘tune-in’ to its frequency. This is done by first disengaging from the first station, then tuning into the frequency of the second station. The mind also works in a similar manner .for it to receive from any source at any point in time; it must disengage itself from the other sources. This may be achieved by the following.

         I) Physical Isolation
        This involves secluding yourself from every kind of distraction that may interfere with your communion with the desired source of knowledge. You may choose to stay in a room, go to a quite park or someplace where you have total or partial solitude. But a place where you can appreciate nature, like the riverside or mountain is much preferable.
      II) Mental Isolation
      This involves consciously blocking out all external thoughts and activities, and focusing on the specific source of knowledge. Mental isolation requires some form of physical isolation, and relaxation technique to be very successful. In most cases, all three are fully required. Some form of music may also be helpful, especially mild Instrumentals, containing no vocals. This type of music helps to condition your thoughts.
    The Infinite Creative Intelligence(God) is the embodiment of wisdom ,love, virtue, truth, goodness and creativity. For communication to take place between two entities there must be:
I) A transmitter and a Receiver.
II) A communication Protocol.
III) A message.
            For you to effectively receive from Infinite Creative Intelligence, you have to first turn-on your ‘receiver button’ .This is done by using the technique of physical and mental isolation, relaxation, etc. Then secondly, you have to ensure that you are on the right protocol. To do this you have to maintain an atmosphere that defines a positive mental attitude. That is your mental vibration or thoughts must conform to the positive nature of Infinite Creative Intelligence. Categorically speaking, you must be positive in your thinking. Positive thinking brings you into a frequency where you can communicate with Infinite Creative Intelligence and when this is achieved, you can gain access to a great wealth of knowledge.
St.Prince Xavier/2012/for the INC

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