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As bad as he may seem, as glad as he may look. Just a hidden image behind the curtain of a well-furnished room. It has no part to play in the beauty of the quarter. Can hardly be noticed by a wandering guest, but sometimes stumbled across by simple servants who later become kings with just a glance. Like stolen bread, that is only enjoyed in secret. So is its strength, known only in solitude but felt in public glare.
A mask they wear, made of strong iron; concise and clear, open to public glare. But that is all it is; a mask chosen to represent an identity not real; a make belief. To instil fear because they are afraid, scared of their own peril, their very own self.
A pleasing mask to make people care.  but who really cares? What they are they can’t change, even a surgeon’s knife cannot mutilate. It takes a sharp eye to understand and a careless mind to see the true you. Why do you hide behind a bushel? Do you think you are not known? A fool! That’s what you are. You are just a captain of a tiny boat that strives in the visionless pond of your mind. A bastard! Yeah. A bastard of a thousand fathers. Having no identity, you claim to possess one.
A giant is speaking from the inside, why don’t you listen? A song is being played by a young child, why don’t you heed? It will cost you nothing! Just a little forfeiting of a “parade” that adds no value to your being. Allow the giant to rise, the child to grow. Let the man “see” without the glasses, “speak” without the micro phone. He will be heard clearer and will even be more appreciated. Your fear will then disappear.  If only you pause and look at the “mirror”, you will truly see how you really are: how beautiful and elegant you look; how strong and tireless you can be; what skill and talent you possess; how intelligent and sound your mind is. If only you can “look”, not “see” but “look” through that “mirror”. I tell you, you will prefer THE MAN IN THE IRON MASK.

                                  Prof Xavier /2012/for the INC

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