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Blind is darkness; darkness is blind. It is all dark and black like a moonless night that never ends. Not even a single star will you notice, in the world of a blind man, so it is. They do it their way and live their own. I am one of them, yet the king, the leader, the master and a role model to all who wish to be blind
I possess sight in my eyes but that is not the sight I am talking about; false things appearing real. Now I have made a conscious decision to watch things with my eyes closed. “What a sick dimwit”, that’s what you would say or something more like it. I know it because I have seen you with my eyes closed and that is why I have not seen the falsity you have presented on the outside rather, I saw the realness inside.
Your eyes can only see what it is meant to see; physical, visible things. Therefore the sight of the eyes can be deceiving even though many say that “seeing is believing”.  That can be correct sometimes but you must look beyond what you see, for it is only the mind that can perceive and see things exactly the way they are.
Men who have affected the course of the future all saw things with their eyes closed regardless of if they affected the world positively or negatively. You must be able to see things for what they are before you can be able to make any difference. Anything save from this is pure guess work.  Yes! What you see might not be what you think it is.
God might not be a muscular giant as most of us think. A so called mad man is only a mad man in before your own eyes. ‘course you have all the convictions to say so; perhaps he looks like one. What you don’t know is if truly he is mad or just pretending to be for a purpose best known to him. Seeing can very much be deceiving especially with two eyes.
You can choose to be blind, the choice is yours. You have your mind; you can choose to see with it. The mind deciphers and simplifies the secrets of the things you call secret. The mind is a whole new route to infinite possibilities; thoughts of success reign in the mind as well as thoughts of evil too. It is the world of the blind; the world of dark and black. It is darkness; it is blindness.

                                                  Flame for the INC
                                             (Article written in 2005)

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