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Soft, mild and gentle; so it sounds to the ear. Pleasant and nice, a heart’s delight. Every man’s dreams, every woman’s fantasy. It brings a feeling of worth, that desired feeling to be accepted by one, even at the expense of many.
A word of deception, where many mischiefs lie. Waiting for the next prey, the next victim of a perfectly planned plot. Sadly enough, there is none to warn them. None to prophesy of  the incoming danger that awaits many-a-man.
Almost everyone has been hypnotized by this phenomenon. The greatest deception of mankind. The phenomenon called love. The truth is that such  doesn’t and cannot exist with man. We are all being deceived by the hype of the media. The very instigator of the lie that has kept us captive. Because we have always been reading about it and watching episodes or clips of it, we tend to act according to that dream in actual or real life. If you claim to love “her”, can you actually die for her?  The only yardstick you can use to measure love is DEATH. Surprised! But that is the truth. If you can sincerely answer that question, I’m sure you’ll now discover that you don’t love “him”.
 Jesus “loved” us that he “died” for us. Love is eternal, it can never die. There is no such thing as “I don’t love you anymore” or “my love for you has died”, it was never there in the first place. You just had plain infatuation. That’s why many have disappointed you; you tried to work out something that wasn’t present. Its only presence was in your dreams and fantasies.
In fact, I must say that love doesn’t exist. No! Not with man. Love is spiritual and cannot be expressed by the physical.  As long as you are a “man”, you can never love. You can try but you will only end up hurting others and yourself. Some can also confuse it with sex, which is just one of the many expressions of love, but how can you express something that you do not have? You will only end up abusing yourself and others. Do not be deceived.
His words are tender and soft, they paint pictures of sunshine. The exact story of what you want to hear. He knows how sensitive your mind is, all he needs is for you to believe him, this he will achieve by using that word, as often as possible till it gets to you. Once it gets to you, that is when he can possess, that’s when the dreaming starts, by the time you wake up, it’s already too late, such might be your fate.
But God is love. He is the only one that can express unselfish, unadulterated and unconditional love and only those that have his presence within them can express such unconditional love.
So check yourself, if you think you are in love. Chances are that it is plain physical attraction, infatuation or a dream that you have been made to believe as real. Most of the time, I am convinced that it is only a dream.
So, if you want to experience true love, fall in love with the creator, He is more than the deception of a word.

                     Prof. Xavier (2005) for the INC


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  2. Love exists.... Only that love has different manifestations. And its truest form shows where one can lay down his/her life for another. If it did not exist God would not ask us to love one another. 1st John 4:7and8 says "beloved, let us love one another..for God
    is love and anyone that loveth
    is born of God and knoweth God, He that loveth not knows not God for God is love". Besides the greatest of Gods commandments was summed into "love thy neighbour as you love yourself" God cannot be involved in d deception of d word cuz he will not ask us to do what doesn't exist. So let us be properly guided.

  3. i shall refer you as i refered someone earlier today. i think you would appreciate this article better if you read http://st-princex.blogspot.com/2012/06/nature-of-love.html
    you will understand the angle in which i am driving my leonhart

  4. you can also join in this love debate at http://www.facebook.com/PhilosophicalReflections?ref=hl


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