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Day 3- Nature of Love

(Love’s Essence, Characteristics and Power)

love's essence characteristics and power

I have read a lot of conceptions and misconceptions about the four letter word. It is one of the most popular words used in this generation and past. Yet it’s one of the most misunderstood. It’s as though the more man seeks to understand love the more confused man gets. A lot of people are bamboozled as to why such a force that seems to be the desire of every rational being seem to be leave a lot of negative emotions behind. They use phrases like “Love hurts”, “pain is love”, “Love doesn’t exist”, etc .These and many more are perhaps some of the many conceptions and misconceptions that birthed as a result of the many experiences and experiments with love. I too have written extensively on some of these conceptions and misconceptions as detailed in  The deception of a word, I love you then I hate you  , but this piece is not about conceptions or misconceptions , its about the essence, characteristics and power of love. In other words, it’s about  the nature of Love. But, we cannot speak about the nature of love without defining what love really is. What exactly is Love?
Love is a very strong affection: an intense feeling of tender affection and compassion. It is also a positive emotion toward, or enjoyment of, a person or thing. These definitions of love are as far as the English dictionary can go. But , love is much more than a positive emotion, feeling or desire.
Love is an eternal and indestructible force. It is an unbreakable bond that is capable of uniting species, elements and life forms. It mirrors the exact nature of Infinite Creative Intelligence (God). It is the greatest warrior known to do battles. It is the center of all greatness. It is the food of the “gods” and the drink of the “elders”.
                 Love is in fact the greatest power of all. Nothing can stand this power, no evil or treachery, wiles or mischief, demon or angelic force, can resist the power of love.
Dynamic Nature Of Love
   The Spirit of love: It is not dependent upon physical attributes or characteristics. Love is a yardstick that can be used to measure spirituality. The more you are able to love, the closer you are in affinity with the father of spirits, Infinite Creative Intelligence (God). You cannot see love or touch its garments, but you can feel its presence. Love knows no limits or boundaries. It can travel across continents, seas, planes and horizons.
                 The Attention of Love:  Love is not centered on oneself but on others. It places the object before the subject; that is, it gives more preference to others and their needs. It is not interested in personal gains but in general welfare.
               The sight of Love: It is blinded to faults, defects, failings and mistakes. It acknowledges their existence, but only sees good, no matter how evil, wicked, ugly or erroneous one can be. Love sees and continually seeks virtue, truth and beauty in people and circumstances. Beauty, they say is in the eyes of the beholder. But, true beauty can only be seen with the eyes of love . For you to actually see and appreciate the true beauty of yourself, people, nature, etc.you have to look with the eyes of love .
                    The lifespan of Love:  Love can never die. Neither circumstances nor time, neither distance nor events, neither peril nor death; can destroy love . The moment love holds its grip on you, it never lets go. You may then ask, why the saying, “I don't love you anymore”, is so common? The following lines would answer that.
Progressive Nature Of Love
The fire of Love: Love is a fire. As a fire it is visible by everyone around and the presence is felt not only by the subject and object of love but also by the environment. The fire of love consumes but is never destructive.
 As a fire, it can grow in intensity as it is fed with fuel or it can quench when left untended, you quench the fire of love when you fail to reciprocate love. If love gives to you, give back to it. If it expresses itself to you, express the same measure back. If you find out there was a time you used to love someone intensely and now it seems you don’t love him/her anymore, chances are you quenched it. The more you reciprocate love, the more it grows in intensity, till it gets to a point where it becomes an inferno and nothing can quench it.
          The Seed of Love: Love is a seed. As a seed it requires the right environment to grow. It can only survive in an atmosphere of affection, care , patience, perseverance and trust. As a seed, it can also die. “death” of love may also occur in the process of growth . This is where the “i don't love you any more”, may come also in. Does these statements contradict the lifespan of love? No, not if you understand the point I’m trying to portray.
                   A “mango seed” may also be called a “mango”, because it contains all the qualities of becoming one. So also, A “love seed” may also be called “love”, because it contains all the attributes of becoming “love”.
                    A man has three stages of development:
I.   Infant stage
II. Adolescent stage
III. Adult stage
      In all three stages of growth, it is the same person, the only difference is their physical and mental; characteristics.
      Love, with respect to its progressive nature has got three stages. They are:
I. The seed Stage
II. The Transit Stage
III. The ultimate Stage
        At the seed stage, physical attractions and personal interest are dominant. At the transit stage, physical expression and contact as well as deeper intimacy and communication is experienced. There is also a decline in personal interests and more focus is placed on the “object” than the “subject”. This is the stage where most of the “heart breaks” may occurs. And not many has been able to get past this stage . At the ultimate stage , it possess the dynamic nature . This is the stage where nothing can caulk it. This is the stage where you can correctly use the word LOVE.

Prince Xavier             
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