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doctrine of ideas
Who is an ideas man? The man who sees or hear from the great beyond, where from beyond? What really does he see? What source is that?How do we come by Ideas?
Let’s start with the definition of idea! It is a simulation combined using a thought pattern, it is a combinationof mind contents built into thoughts. They connect through codes (idea codes) to simulate a vision formed into processes, only to make sense at a given.
From my definition of ideas, you can see why the most important piece of innovation ever invented is your brain. The brain has never failed its boss.It’s the most accurate tool in man.It depends on individual mutation anywhere.It
delivers based on meditation built through time.Your sense of lack is dependent on what you define as lacking.What your brain does is it help you retain, combine imaginations and recall. Where you place yourself is where your brain lives.
Your sense of belonging is something you constantly make as you arrive at every stage of your exposure in life, that’s is why a master never feels like a master until he is declared one.People naturally don’t expect some level of regards until they possess factors that assure them those regards; thatis why they say,“Money talks bullshit walks”.  See why the world believe in convictions compare to believe?
Until you start believing what you consider impossible (your mind) more than what appears before you, you will never reach certain heights in life; until then,you will only depend on the things you’ve seen and not the visions you collect from MIND TRAVEL(something I intend to talk about in a coming article).  You device your opinion from that physical content retained by memory and based on conviction; the reason people often say, “I don’t think they should do that, don’t go there, stay away from themetc.” without providing options for what should be.They lack solutions but see errors in everything.
People like this revolve their mind around what they live with every day,
not what they can provide or make be. He is a person not Man. Man is a creator! He is made in the likeness and image of God almighty, the one who spoke the waters and mountains we see today, He has no sense of lack in Him, everything is possible by Him. Imagine that everything you can ever reason or imagine can be made possible by you! He makes no demands of life, He creates his imagination and lives life from the position of possibilities.
Have you ever wonder why parents censor what they say and do before their kids? The type of  language,TV shows,  even the energy that goes with everything they do at home is censored? That goes on to say why we should be more concerned protecting our thoughts than trying to belong everywhere just to feel accepted.
To bring forth ideas you need to adopt the doctrine; follow my clue here…
Two friends share love and finally decide to marry;Temiand Chinwe. Few months after their wedding,Chinwe is pregnant with a child.The journey of a young entrepreneur begins from that time. A baby from mixed tribe, he is not aware what future stands before him as a baby in the womb. One day Chinwe (the pregnant mother) goes for a visit at Temi’s family house, “here comes my beautiful daughter” her motherinlaw says, “I have a name for my grandson you know?” Chimwe goes “hmmmm”.
The same goes for Chinwe’s Mom who’s making up her own name for the baby too.Chinwe and hubby Temi have their names waiting, and Temi will tell you he discussed the name with his father and the name is very significant to the family….all this preparation for the unborn child. The logic surrounding the future of one baby creates a momentum amongst both families, they both share love for a baby they’ve not met or seen. They believe there’s a future coming; you have to always believe, so much that failure lives you with no option rather than success. The future is always going to come, it is configured from today, don’t let her configure itself, control what should come (name that child you’re expecting).
Plant the seed and name your baby before she is born, decide where she will school, make a place in the house for the unborn baby. Start building boundaries for what to expect and what you don’t want. This is what every ideas person should do,  guide your mind, the friends you share moments with, make plans for what kind of life you will want to live, build that sense of life around you. It inspires the tenacity that brings forth the expectant baby (functional ideas), your sense and ideas will only compare to what you know (let a man tell you his ideas and you will know what quality he is made of)
Those combination of names from both families becomes a tool to expressing love for the baby who is now born, ideas that was put together for tomorrow is now the frame guiding a surviving seed.
If you’ve been following me you’ll observe that none of both families ever considered if the baby will die during child birth! Every ideas owner never consider the part where the idea might not succeed, in the case of the baby the doctor took care of that during antenatal. That is why you should hang out with friends who share your kind of optimism, as you sample your thoughts they unconsciously point out the dangers involve which you’ll need to consider or guard against.
The Child is called baby here because he is a seed (an Idea) that needs processing it becomes a function of life based on simulation (you simulate human behavior to identify their needs before you give birth to an idea) . His names make him, he simulates the meaning of each of those names from all parents as they constantly refer to him. The names are the first content on his mind, remember repetition is the law of deep and lasting impression so the names give a clue of what life holds to the baby, he grows up with the understanding of what his names say, and relates with how he is being loved from those names. That becomes his dwelling; a connection he established from his parents.
All they wanted was to demonstrate their love for the union of Temi and Chinwe, those actions is now what determined the lifeof a child with a future decided by love.
Walk the path that brings you your faith if you ever chose a side

Next on this episode learn how mind blowing ideas (Blue Ocean) are born, the concepts that deliver successful ideas.
Title: Reverse The Dream
By Henry Ita

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