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Believe- Part 1

What does it mean to believe? Why believe? Who should believe? What/who should you believe in? When should you believe? And how can you express what you believe. In our philosophical journey today we shall go beyond the norms and probe into the various concepts and attributes of this subject. We shall establish a relationship between the man, his belief system and his journey in this time ruled sphere.


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By definition, To believe is to accept or regard (something) as true. : to accept as truth of what is said by (someone).(Meriam Webster).  To buttress further on this I will add that to believe is to accept an Opinion, Fact or Reality as ultimate truth regardless of who or what brought it , how it came or what it talks about.

Furthermore, believing creates a set of propositions called belief. And this may be  separated from any epistemological standards or rationale. From this definition we understand that believing is an ACT. An act of what? Faith? Nay, believing and faith are two different things. The English language is highly limited in expressions and this is one of those limitations. The word/words- TO BELIEVE is defined by the English man as a verb, but it is much more than a verb. Believing is both a verb and a Noun.

Believing is an eternal dual natured spiritual entity that is embedded in every pneumatic life force. This entity is characteristic, fundamental and essential for all spiritual life forms to relate with Ultimate Reality, the universe and its extensions.
By Ultimate Reality, I mean The Infinite Creative Intelligence( See…. On the subject). By universe, I mean all the material and immaterial varieties that make up the various strata of this time ruled sphere as well as the timeless realities beyond natural perception. By extensions, I mean dimensions.
Before we go further, I would like us to answer the question, what does it take to believe? The answer is found below.

The Substance of Believe:

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Like I mentioned earlier, believing is dual natured. The first nature I would describe as the Substance Nature. This is the unchanging essence of believing. The substance nature is multifaceted. It creates the following in the believer
•    Relationship
•     Reality
•     Propulsions
•     Hope

•     Vision

..............................(TO BE CONTINUED)

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