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I tell it to thee again: from within thy very being, through the inspiration of my Spirit and through the mouths of my prophets, that the devil is a liar; the opposer, who challenged my authority and sought my throne and rebelled against me. I have found iniquity in him long since, even before I created him.I am the Lord thy God; thy maker! Nothing would exist without my making it.
What Lucifer does amongst you these days is as he hath done with the angels who fell with him when my angers filled to their brims and I despised him along with his followers and removed him from my dwelling and cast him down unto the earth. My mercy was and still is too great that I did not completely remove him from existence.
I have infinite mercy and my judgment is perfect and I am good at all times. I created love to be greatest amongst all things and wisdom for the understanding of it. This wisdom of understanding of which I, have freely given, even unto thee.
I have removed my all seeing eye from thy defections and I sent out my only worthy son Jesus; He whom only through Him can thou see me. I sent Him forth for thy rescue; for thy salvation. For Lucifer is furious and afraid that I will one day break my jars of anger and hold him by throat. Therefore he (Lucifer) utilizes the time I have given thee to turn to me to his advantage; luring many of you to his side; thinking that he might sway all of you to his side and have proof that I have mistaken in loving you the way I did, but there and again he falters, for he is jealous of you.
When Lucifer was here in my heaven with me, he hath respect and hath legions under him; everything he would ever want was accorded unto him according to the powers and gifts I have granted him. Yet, he is jealous of you because I commune with you, even sought my throne that he may seize power and manifest the evil born out of the iniquity in him over all things.
I will wait until he has completely ruined the earth, then I will manifest my powers and pass judgment upon him; bringing judgment upon my son Lucifer. I crafted him and brought him forth and gave him fine gifts that he may serve purpose. Yet he chose evil that I may detest him as I have and bring an end to him as I will when I bring my judgment.
And he still comes to me for favor, seeking my consent and permission that he may tempt you, challenging me and putting it to me that you are my lover only because I have continually blessed you even after you have faltered. See the case of my servant Job; just man Job! Open thy heart and let us reason this together. Did I not prove him wrong? My servant Job,  did he not hold on until I removed the devil far from beside him? Did I not reward him bountifully afterwards; replacing all he lost in more than twice fold?
Who amongst you can part lip and say that my servant Job did not understand the blessedness of my holy name? he chose to be wise and patient and  his trust in me hath saved him. You can learn from him and I will bless you too. I tell you, there is none that has lived on this earth that has born such burden as my servant Job, neither is there any one that will still live on this earth that will bare such a burden as unto my servant Job.
When Moses led my people through the wilderness for forty years, were you there with him? Did you hear my message from his mouth first hand? I sent to you more servants of mine after him; did you hear my good news from their mouths first hand?  Even my only begotten son, when I sent him to you, to rescue you, did you hear of my truth from his mouth first hand? Yet hear you are reading off of it because my word lives as long as I live; I preserved it through the works of my humble servants that it may reach you; that the benefits of my teachings may not be set aside only for the use of thy fathers before thee.
The truth lasteth to this moment because it is I who made it so; it shall last forever because my truth and I abide forever and so shall my word. It shall never pass. Be still and I will reveal myself to you. Blessed are you all who witness the coming of this end of time, thy paths shall be easy to tread especially with the thoughts of me remaining constant in thy heart. I am Godhead; I unite everything I have made with my love, through my son, Jesus and together with the peace of my Holy Spirit.
I am making up my bride for the feast is nigh. Bring the sweet fragrances and fine oils; bring the best perfumes and the finest oils, join me as I make up the bride. Who will bring comb to comb her hair to the finest patterns? Who will choose her cloths? Who will make it to perfect size? Who will dress her up? Where are you, o beautiful maidens of my mine crafted to life towards the serving of my purpose?
Bring linen, the finest linen; bring out her box of ornaments, deliver it before my bride for I am making her up. Open the chest with joy; bring out the finest gold with the prettiest ornaments. Yes! Bring them forth and please me for I am making up my bride. I have delivered my word and now I am using thy hands because thy heart is open toward my word; inclining unto it and steadily. I shall keep my Holy Spirit and keep Him steadfast with thee.
I am making up my bride. Let the wise see meaning to this and understand that the return of my Christ, o my anointed one; as it was foretold, even His return to take the faithful is nigh. The faithful, they like ripe corn and ripe fruits. Which one of you will forget to harvest his ripe fruit, so that the harshness of nature may spoil it? The harvest is ripe and the ripe shall be harvested and now. Let the wise see meaning to this and understand that the return of my Christ, o my anointed one; as it was foretold, even His return to take the faithful is nigh

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